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Jan 27, 2013 10:00pm EST
corporation. sonia sotomayor was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of seven and her father died when she was nine. she and her younger brother were raised by a single mother and her brother is now a doctor. sonia sotomayor graduate as valedictorian of her high school class, graduated from princeton university summa cum laude a the highest price for the a director while attending yale law school she was editor of the law journal. she could have become a highly paid lawyer out of yale but she went right into public-service becoming the assistant district attorneys serving the people of new york. she served in almost all levels of the judicial system including private practice as well as years on the federal bench. 2009 president barack obama nominated in the u.s. senate confirmed sonia sotomayor as a 111th justice of the u.s. supreme court. io give you sonia sotomayor. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] spee net after a guide to washington in 2009, i net to a whole bunch of texans from everywhere in this large state. and i have been repeatedly invited to visit. and when you get a
Jan 20, 2013 8:45am EST
of these two. diabetes now consumes 2% of our gross national product. a child born after to test and has a one in three chance in america of becoming a diabetic. now look at the first generation of american going to live shorter lives than their parents. that's not a huge surprise to you. we've all been talking about the wonders of the point where they started in the 40-ounce service people are drinking. only recently has the argument -- have cities and then comparing diet and physical inactivity. one was called gluttony versus slot. another doctor at the mayo clinic for patients in electronic underwear and measured every motion chemists at a regime, said it that way, started counting calories than as some people thought that another student. expecting some metabolic factor of work, they found the only thing was the amount of daily cavity. the new flickr books like the bluestone. i forget his first name. dan buettner and the blue suns. when people live live the longest? you put it in a book and sell millions. the number one rule, move naturally. don't become a weekend warrior. don't run marath
Jan 21, 2013 8:00am EST
would tie your heart and your different health, diabetic agnostic things, different testing that really looks at all the different things so that you can really monitor your health, you know on your arm or in your phone in a variety of different ways. >> host: aknee that hix director of mark -- marketing at qualcomm. well, one of the most talked-about and looked-of at items here at ces international 2013 is made by a company called maker bot. and bree pettus is the ceo. what are with we looking at here? >> guest: you're looking at the next industrial revolution. we're -- maker bot is an innovation company and we empower people to innovate so they can change the future. >> host: that said, what are we looking at as far as the equipment? >> guest: so what we've got here at ces this year -- and this is our fourth year at ces -- is the next generation of makerbot printers. we've got 3-d printers on the optimized to use a renewable biopalacic, and then we've got the 2x which is an experimental printer. these two tools empower people to make things, and it works by building up layers of plast
Jan 5, 2013 7:00pm EST
's not that obesity itself is the problem, but the problems it leads to, principle among them diabetes that consumes 2% of the gross national product. a child born after 2000 has a one in three chance in america of being a die -- diabetic. they will live shorter lives than their parents. that's not a huge surprise to you probably. we've been talking now for a long time about the wanders of the american corn syrup based diet and 40 ounce sodas people drink. only recently have studies been done comparing diet and physical inaffidavit. one of them in england called gluttony versus sloth. another doctor at the may owe clinic put patients in electronic underwear, set a certain regime, studied their weight, pumped calories in, and then some people got fat and other people didn't, and expecting some sort of, you know, metabolic factor at work or a genetic factor at work, the only thing changes for the people was the amount of daily activity. go a step further. look at books like "the blue zone," have you seen the -- i forget the first name, dan in "the blue zones," and where do people live the longest? you s
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)